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Lydia A. Kan - Managing Director, Rightful Action Ltd.


Lydia A. Kan is dedicated to developing globally-aware, collaborative and customer-focused leaders  within responsible and  ambitious cultures.  She  is a  values-led Master executive coach, visiting professor in innovation and business schools, and strategy consultant on five continents.  A Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute certified teacher (a program developed at Google), Lydia has taught sustainability, mindfulness and leadership all over the world. She has worked on environmentally focused initiatives with Al Gore since 1993 and trained with him as a Climate Reality Leader.

Lydia began her Mindfulness study & practice in 1994 at the Esalen Institute, where she now leads workshops. Since 2011 she has happily lived and worked globally without a physical home. Her 2015 TEDX talk and upcoming book describes what happens when we  “Take Time to Be Kind."  The Honorable Madeleine Albright was an essential mentor during Lydia's undergraduate education at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service.   A British and American citizen, Lydia speaks Brazilian Portuguese & has lived in the US, UK, and Brazil. 

Founder Lydia Kan

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