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Leadership that Inspires Followers: High integrity actions are part of the repertoire of leaders of great organisations. Exemplary leaders embody an awareness of their impact on others, are personally resilient and demonstrate sound character, especially in emergencies and when under pressure.  Leaders are constantly watched for cues and actions. 


Understanding what to say and do requires self-awareness, awareness of others, and an ability to scan whole systems.  Self-reguation and judgement - based on synthesis of ALL information - means saying or doing the EXACT right thing in the moment.  This workshop will provide the cognitive basis of how we make decisions on sticky issues and offers somatic practices to develop exceptional awareness and timing for spot-on interventions. 


Taking a Stand: The production and distribution of knowledge drives the global economy. The majority of new value is created from a “means of production” that reside in the heads, hearts and souls of people. But what if you and your colleagues are afraid to speak up and say what's true, offer a new idea, or disagree with a wrong decision? This workshop will help leaders build the presence and skills to create truly collaborative work environments from which ideas, innovation and positive actions can flow.


Navigational Pull (TM): Are you in charge of your life's work? Do you need to step up into a much 'bigger game?' Do your days have meaning? Are your talents having the impact you'd always hoped? Step into a day of choosing what matters....and what truly doesn't. Walk away with a roadmap, new commitments and a vision of the leader you are becoming.

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