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Nicholas Creswell - Global Head of Talent, Thomson Reuters


"Lydia and I have known each other over fifteen years, and in that time she has provided me with all manner of insightful coaching and advice. She gets what drives people professionally, personally, emotionally and spiritually, and provides grounded, frank and clear advice on how to build a career and life that balances those factors and more."



Ann Raveel - Medical Student, Belgium


"You helped me close a career chapter as a Chief Technology Officer on a very positive note and launch a dream of studying medicine. I was amazed at how fast you could "read" me … You also created an atmosphere of trust, openness and true communication in our coaching group. I will never forget the intensity in the role plays that the other members of the IMD High Performance Leadership group did."



Andrew L. - Financier


"I first met Lydia in late 2011 and was instantly impressed by her insightfulness, vision and empathy. In 2012 Lydia was the natural person for me to turn to as a coach when I needed to recover from a life changing event. Lydia impressed with her deep understanding of me as a person, her creative suggestions for how to move my life forward and her immense pragmatism in bringing it all together. With her help I was able to plan a strategy for recovery and improvement in my personal and professional life. Thanks to her help, I am measurably better off in all aspects of my life."



Daniel Glaser - Director, Science Gallery London at King's College LondonHost: TEDXAlbertopolis


"Lydia was instrumental in connecting me to the 'Getting Things Done (GTD)' system through her recommendation of Ed Lamont at Next Action Associates. This intervention has had a dramatic and positive effect on my productivity and self-confidence and was central to preparing me for my future career successes."



Donna Thomson - Author, Activist, Blogger, Teacher


"As a first time author and long time social justice activist in the non-profit sector, I moved from executive level volunteer work to entrepreneurship and professional consultancy. Lydia Kan combines business experience with personal sensitivity, skills and knowledge of 'the person' and 'the business objectives' perfectly. I could not have made the transition to professional consultancy work without the nuanced nudges of Lydia - she helped me to articulate my goals and put form to my aspirations, and most importantly, take true leadership within my field."



Dr Gary Orr - Research Director, Health Empowerment Through Nutrition (HETN) 


"Lydia has provided great inspiration in helping me think about life change in a meaningful and practical way. She is perceptive and is able to provide practical guidance and support that is at once helpful and enhancing for creating future strategies for you and your company's growth."



Candice Motran - Social Impact Associate at Big Society Capital, London


"Lydia's seminars within London's On Purpose Leadership Program made my year much more meaningful and personally relevant, helping me understand what really drives me. In the 5 years since our first meeting, Lydia has coached me to stretch for a job I love (which I have now!) and gave me practical, implementable tips on how to excel wherever I may be (e.g. starting an internship programme at my company)."



Jacob Bryan - MS in Sea Turtle Toxicology, DVM Class of 2018


"I was fortunate enough to meet Lydia as an Earthwatch volunteer in Costa Rica. Who knew that a short 9 days would have such an impact on my life? After a little give (properly training her to work with sea turtles), it was my turn for a little take. In the many hours I had walked that beach scouring for sea turtles, there wasn't one person that challenged me, personally, more than Lydia. Her challenges weren't only surface, but visceral, tugging at every emotion from here to there. She brought out of my what I couldn't with just a simple question: "So tell me what you want to do with your life?" To my dismay, this wasn't that easy of a question, so it was a good thing we were spending 8 hours walking the beach that night.


When I found my answer, Lydia was quick with not only encouragement and support, but with beneficial resources that aided me in making the career choice I did today. Because of Lydia, I will be attending veterinary school at Western University of Health Sciences, a dream I had let go of in pursuit of a different career. Not only did she help me realize what career path I truly wanted to take, but helped me develop an animal welfare project that has garnered attention from veterinarians around the U.S. Lydia has continued to seek out resources to strengthen this idea and help it grow.


Lydia found in me a true passion that I was unable to bring to the surface. However, her reach wasn't only meant for me, as she was working this same magic with the others working at The Leatherback Trust. Lydia's uncanny ability to seek out individuals, help them discover their passions, and continue to follow up long after their encounters, just goes to show her extreme genuineness, kindness, and leadership as a career catalyst. The relationship that I have established with Lydia will long transcend those 9 days we spent in Costa Rica trekking up and down the beach in search for sea turtles. She is one that exemplifies her product in asserting Rightful Action into the lives of the leaders of tomorrow's industries."


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