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"Courageous conversations and authentic executive presence serve as foundations for  good businesses."

Executive Presence


A strong presence and appropriate visibility is expected of a senior managers and leaders of people.  For individuals who describe themselves as shy or introverts, building this 'social skill' pillar of emotional intelligence can be particularly challenging.  However, there are enormous benefits to stepping 'out there' in your industry and its community to generate opportunities for recognition and new business relationships.  Strong presence and leadership will also inspire teams and create followership through authentic and powerful 'showing up.'


Rehearsing scenarios from your world, this workshop will get leaders -- introverts and extroverts - on your feet, building your ability to connect and influence through embodied executive presence: voice, body, and behaviours.

Difficult Conversations


Raising and resolving critical issues (in the moment whenever possible) is a sign of true leadership.  Do you have the tools to engage in constructive dialogue based on active questioning?  Do you know how to center within a contentious confrontation and focus your intent on the best desired outcome for all involved?  This workshop includes minimal theory and lots of coached practice in real, pertinent-to-you situations. 

Creating Meaning At Work


Are you in charge of your life's work? Do you need to step up into a much 'bigger game?' Do your days have meaning? Are your talents having the impact you'd always hoped? This workshop is focused on choosing what matters... and what truly doesn't. Participants will walk away with a roadmap, a series of new commitments and a clear vision of the leader they are.

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